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  1. Brahman created Sanatan/Hindu Dharma before the creation of human on earth. Since there is only one Brahman, so there is only one Hindu Dharma and it is not HInduism as wrongly stated in this website. All Mat, Dal, Samaj, Ism etc. are human created but not the Hindu Dharma. God Takes Avatar only in His Dharma not in any human created Ism.

  2. There were innumerable Vedas (not in written form) used to be revealed to Rishis & Munis from Brahman during their Samadhi, since the beginning of humanity many billion years ago. But the present four Vedas were compiled first time in written form by great Ved-Vyas about 5350 years ago after Mahabharata war. If he had not written these Vedas, these must have been lost for ever. Rama was there on this earth about a million years ago. Vedas were there at the time of Rama, but not in written form. The comments on such vital subject by a laymen simply confuses others, instead of providing knowledge. This subject is not a politics on which anybody body can say anything he likes, even in media without any punishment.

  3. Hindu Sanatan Dharma is neither an Ism nor a religion but Brahman created Dharma, before creation of humans on earth. All the Ism or religions are man created not Brahman created and have no Shastras direct from Brahman. Brahman doesn’t mean God also.

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