• Who is Jatayu?
  • He wanted to save Sita from Ravana.
  • Recalling Jatayu’s self-sacrifice, a sculptor named Rajiv Anchal set it up as a symbol of women’s protection.

Story Of Jatayu 

Ravana is fleeing within the air by kidnapping Ram’s wife Sita and driving a flower chariot. Sita is shouting, “Save! Save! Ram! Lakshman! Save!” But unfortunately, nobody is coming forward to save lots of the endangered Sita therein speeding vehicle.

Jatayu birds are sleeping in any tree within the middle of the thanks to Lanka. he’s a lover of Rama’s father Dasaratha. When he heard the screams of girls and therefore the names of Rama and Lakshmana, he saw an enormous monster fleeing with a lady during a flying chariot. The old bird fluttered its wings and flew to save lots of Sita.



Jatayu stood ahead of Ravana’s path. He shouted, “Who are you? Who are you? Where are you getting to kidnap this woman?” Ravana saw him and laughed and said, “O old bird! I’m the lord of Tribhuvan (Rakshas Kul), Ravana! If you would like to measure, then get out of the way!” The abducted girl is Sita, daughter-in-law of Dasaratha, Jatayu has noticed it by then. Jatayu said, “You can’t take him away As long as I even have life in my body!”

The fierce battle began within the air. Jatayu grabbed Dashanan Ravana together with his sharp nails and lips. Both are fighting hard, but nobody can beat anyone. Impatiently, Ravana resorted to cunning. He said to Jatayu, “Look, you and that I am equal in strength. Let’s tell one another our weaknesses, then we will end the war in less time.”

Old war-weary Jatayu set foot in Ravana’s leaf trap. He said, “My weakness is in these two wings.” But Ravana lied. Although Ravana’s weakness was in his stomach, he said, “My weakness is in my ankle.”

The war started again. Believing Ravana, Jatayu attacked Ravana’s feet. thereon occasion, Ravana stop Jatayu’s fan and fled to Lanka with Sita during a chariot. The sculpture of Jatayu is placed within the area where Jatayu falls from the sky after losing its wings.

Jatayu Earth’s Center is found in Chandayamangalam (formerly Jatayumangalam) within the Kollam district within the Indian state of Kerala. it’s the most important sculpture of any bird. it’s located at an altitude of 1200 feet above water level. The sculpture is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide, and 60 feet high.

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Recalling Jatayu’s self-sacrifice, a sculptor named Rajiv Anchal set it up as a logo of women’s protection.


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