Ekam Evadvitiyam Brahma

What is Ekam Brahma?

Creator and creation are consistent with Hinduism. You can learn tons about the creator and creation by reading today’s post. The beginning of creation is 0 (zero) om, this om is formless, in many scriptures it’s also called unmarried as Brahman, as within the Vedas it’s said that Ekam Brahman is the second Nasti, That is, everyone except Brahman is false. The moon, the sun, the sky, the sky, the trees, the animals, etc. there’s nothing left. That is, Brahman is everything, Brahman is that the bearer consistent with the Vedas, So he’s formless and has no creator, no idol, no partner, he’s his own creator.

Everyone understands the start, Now we’ll know Who is Brahman or what? Why is he formless? Why does he haven’t an idol and no partner? How did he create himself? Who is Brahma or what: Brahma is everything, suppose there’s an enormous cupboard during which clothes, money, gold, grains, diamonds, jewels, etc. are stored. Now that cupboard is simply like Brahma. consistent with the Vedas, the world may be a universe with certain things like stars, planets, satellites, seas, oceans, etc., consistent with the Gita, there’s a universe with an endless universe. So Brahman is everything that’s during this creation. Brahman isn’t a selected person or object. Even as all living beings within the world sleep in Brahman then does the existence of the many worlds and therefore the universe, everything has an end.

Why is Brahman formless? The answer is extremely simple. An individual or an object features a shape. the world is an object, So it’s a shape. The man may be a person, So he features a shape. Brahman isn’t an individual or an object, So he has no shape. If Brahman isn’t an individual or an object, then what’s he?

Answer Simple has already said that consistent with the Vedas, except Brahma, all other atheists or not, brother, can it’s seen that the wind is often realized? Does the air not attend a person or object? No! Can heat be realized? There are numerous things that can’t be seen or touched or prevented, they’re not perceptions of a person or object, Brahman is perception. Why does he not have an idol?
Since he’s not an individual or object that can’t be seen or touched, one can only perceive what his idol is going to be, therefore the Hindus haven’t made any idol of Brahma. How did he create himself? He was created from zero, even as this place was empty before I made this post, my post is filling this empty space, even as Brahman has filled this eternal universe by realization. Is Brahman the creator? No answer. Why? Because Brahman may be a formless realization. And perception alone cannot create anything. Such words can generate wealth but an individual can create vibrations by that wealth. What is the difference between creating and creating?
to supply is to supply on produce crops on the land. Making money is like making a cake out of a product. Production is required to make but can’t be created for production.

Brahman is that the means of production and therefore the crop produced by Him is that the Creator. The materials of production are never destroyed or destroyed because the text is produced from soil water. From jute, we make clothes, etc. The garments we make are ruined at some point and return to the bottom. Hopefully, the readers have understood the start in such an extended time, so if the creator of the creator is Brahman, then who is that the creator? consistent with Hindu scriptures, the crops produced by Brahma are Sri Hari Vishnu and Brahma and Mahesh originate from Vishnu. So what’s the purpose of Vishnu originating from Brahma and Brahma and Mahesh originating from Vishnu, that is, the assembly part is over? Now we’ll attend to the creation part: – (If anyone has any questions on the origin part, please allow us to know within the comments.) Lord Vishnu Brahma and Shiva are basically engaged within the task of making separate Brahma, Mahadev is engaged in destroying Shiva and Lord Vishnu is engaged in protecting and observing. I will be able to discuss these three gods within the next post. Now allow us to come to the start of creation: – consistent with the Rig Veda, everything we see today during this available cosmic universe, the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, etc., all accumulated together at just one occasion, even as a toddler is born from the mother’s womb. He’s called Hiranna Garbha. Lord Sri Vishnu created all creation through this Hiranva womb, everything existed inside this womb and this womb is suffering from heat and explodes and everything is made. the large Bank information that scientists have discovered today is written within the Rig Veda thousands of years ago. Since Brahman is an empty space, thanks to the abortion of the diamond, the moving object is moving at its speed during a straight path with an equivalent speed, and therefore the stationary objects are within the stationary state (Newton also got the formula for its motion and gravity from the Vedas). for instance, the Sun revolves around the entire system as a part of the New Planetary Astronomy Veda, the world and other planets revolve around the Sun. and every one of these creations arising from the womb of Hiranya is called the universe. The Creator then lives during this universe.


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