Valmiki Story

Story Of Sage Valmiki

  • His life story before naming Sage Valmiki
  • How did the Robber Ratnakar get the name Valmiki and who was behind giving the name “Valmiki”?

His life story before naming Sage Valmiki

You must have heard the name Sage Valmiki. he’s the creator of the epic Ramayana of the normal religion. that’s why he’s called Adikabi. Little is understood about Valmiki’s date of birth but it’s said that he was born on the autumn full-of-the-moon day of the month of Ashwin during a Brahmin family.

Sage Valmiki’s father’s name was Pracheta but no information was found about his mother’s name. You know, Sage Valmiki’s name but Sage wasn’t “Valmiki” from the start. His real name was Ratnakar, whom we all know as a robber. But there’s a reason why he turned to the present call, which you’ll not know:
When Ratnakar was young, he got lost in a deep forest at some point. When he didn’t return after an extended time, his mother and father visited the forest to seem for him.

But after an extended search, when no trace of him was found, his parents thought that his son had died after being struck by a wild animal. So sadly, they returned home without trying to find his son. Later, a hunter finds Ratnakar within the jungle and decides to require care of him at his home. Ratnakar then grew up within the hunter’s affection and got married. Gradually, their family’s financial situation began to deteriorate. Running the remainder of the family, including his wife, became harder for him. So within the end, he will look out for his family by robbery, looting, and snatching. He then started attacking the people of each neighboring village including his own village and began committing one robbery after another. If a person tried to prevent him during the robbery, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. during this way he plunders the wealth of the people, he continues to feed his family.

How did the Robber Ratnakar get the name Valmiki and who was behind giving the name “Valmiki”?

One day, Ratnakar, like every other day, was hiding within the forest expecting a person to plunder his wealth. After a short time, he noticed that a sage was coming towards the forest saying “Narayan-Narayan”. Even then Ratnakar didn’t know that the sage was none aside from Naradamuni himself. Then Ratnakar decided at once that he would rob him. Ratnakar now appears ahead of him, and says to him – “Take out all the items you’ve got, otherwise the result is going to be bad”.

Naradamuni wasn’t in the least disturbed by Ratnakar’s threat but replied with a smile. He told Ratnakar that he could take his harp and clap. Ratnakar is surprised to ascertain such calm behavior of men. He thought to himself, “Every human being’s body starts trembling when he hears Ratnakar’s name. How can this man be so calm and smiling when he sees him?” Doesn’t he know his name? ”Naradamuni then asked Ratnakar why he was committing robbery, looting, and snatching. Ratnakar listened to him and proudly replied that he was doing all this to feed his family.

Naradamuni again asks Ratnakar if he has ever asked his relations if they’re proud of his work. Or are all of them willing to share in his sin? back to the present question, Ratnakar told him that his family would surely be proud of his work and none of them would hesitate to share in his sins. At this point, Narad told him that he should know the solution from his relations first. Until then he will await him during this forest. Then Ratnakar also followed his advice and went home. When he went home and asked the questions he had heard from his wife and therefore the remainder of the family, the men, all of them made it clear that none of them would share in his sin. Hearing this, Ratnakar came running to the lads crying. He begged Narad to point out him the proper way of life.


Naradamuni then told him to travel in remembrance of Lord Rama and devotedly asked him to chant his name. Hearing this, Ratnakar immediately sat down under a close-by tree, closed his eyes, and tried to chant the name of Rama in one mind but he couldn’t. Because whenever he tried to chant the name “Ram”, it had been revolving in his head with the name “Mara Mara” thanks to his violent attitude. Not seeing this happening, when he visited Narad again and told him about his problem, Narad told him that he should start chanting “Mara Mara” because at some point it’ll naturally change to “Ram”. Ratnakar, like Naradamuni, went and meditated again and began chanting “Mara Mara”. Gradually he became so absorbed in his own meditation that he could not specialize in food and thirst.

Thus a few years pass. Ants everywhere Ratnakar’s body once made their range in a mound of soil, which covered him everywhere the bottom. Again a few years later, Naradamuni was walking through that jungle again. On the way, he noticed someone inside a mound of mud constantly calling him Ram. He realized that the sound of this voice belonged to Ratnakar himself and to not anyone else. He then visited the front of the mound and lovingly removed the soil from there to rescue Ratnakar. When he finally finished removing the soil, he called Ratnakar by his name.

Ratnakar also finally opened his eyes after hard penance. But Narad can understand that there are many differences between this Ratnakar and therefore the present Ratnakar. Because his eyes and calm nature were describing his new radiant character. Then Ratnakar bowed to Naradamuni and Naradamuni also lovingly picked him up from the bottom and hugged him. At this point he told Ratnakar; Since his “Valmiki” has been reborn from the mound of ants, his name is going to be referred to as “Sage Valmiki” throughout the trilogy from today and he will become the guide of other people’s lives from now on. Thus at present; We all know the robber Ratnakar today as Valmiki. I even have said before that Sage Valmiki himself was the author of Ramayana poetry. Today, he’s recognized because the first poet to write down the world’s first epic. Ramayana may be a poem about a crucial chapter within the lifetime of Lord Rama. Which Valmiki presented to the people within the sort of poetry.


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