Unknown history of Sita

Some Different and Unkown Story About Sita

It is known from ‘Krittibas Ramayana’ that Sita is the daughter of Basumata and Janak. Before his birth, the fortune-tellers said that he would be the cause of Ravana’s destruction. At one time, King Janak was performing Yajna on the plain of Kurukshetra with his own hand, while Urvashi was passing through the sky. Basumati was menstruating when her semen fell to the ground thinking of her father Raja Urvashi. Basumati carried the semen of Raja Janak in her womb. A few days later, when Janak Raja went to Kurukshetra to perform the plowing yajna again, Basumati gave birth to Janak’s Orash child and covered him with soil. Then a beautiful baby girl is crying from there. Suddenly, the divine word is in the sky at this time, O father of the king, this is your daughter, observe it. . The father took care of him and raised him.


Sita was named after her father as she was born from Sita’s plow. It is said in the old days that Padma, the daughter of King Padmaksh, became Sita in the next birth. When Ravana tried to insult Padma, he committed suicide by fire. In the next life, she descended as Sita and became the cause of Ravana’s destruction. Another common belief is that Sita was born a virtuous woman named Bedavati. When Ravana wanted to humiliate him, he cursed Ravana that he would kill Ravana in the next birth. Some other writings of Ramayana say that Ravana did not kidnap the real Sita. The one who was abducted by Ravana is Mayasita. Goddess Parvati hid the real Sita and the real Sita was revealed after the battle of Rama and Ravana. Mayasita was later born as Draupadi. Sita is mentioned by many names in Ramayana. However, she is basically known as Sita. Sita is called Janaki as the daughter of Janak. She is also known as Maithili as she is the daughter of the Mithila kingdom. She is also called Rama as she is the wife of Rama. According to the biography Ramayana, Sita Bhudevi is the daughter of the earth and the Palita daughter of Rajarshi Janak. When Ramchandra went into exile for fourteen years, Sita became his companion. Later, when Ravana kidnapped Sita and took her to Lanka, a conflict broke out between Rama and Ravana. With the help of the monkeys of Kishkindha, Rama defeated and killed Ravana and rescued Sita. After becoming king, he abandoned Sita for fear of slander. Maharshi gave birth to twin sons named Sita Lav and Kush at Tapoban in  Sage Valmiki. Later, when Rama asked Sita to undergo the fire test for the second time, the shocked mother Sita sought refuge in the lap of the earth. Rising from the underworld, Bhudevi enters the abyss with Sita.


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