Chand Kazi pastimes of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s torch procession

Some unscrupulous scholars, the selfish priestly community, became against the Harinam movement. consistent with them, this Harinam kirtan of Nimai Pandit is extremely offensive because it’s against the tradition of Hinduism, as all classes of individuals are given the proper of free entry here. The kirtan he introduced wasn’t within the rituals of Hinduism. consistent with them, Krishna’s name is being desecrated by this, since Nimai himself has called Krishna’s name Mahamantra, so this name can’t be spread everywhere, because consistent with Hindu scriptures, the facility of the mantra is lost if it’s heard from another.
The traditional religions they called Hinduism were Mangalchandi, Bishahari Puja, Thirteen sorts of Puja of the Twelve Months – Parvanadi ceremonies, Shraddhakriyas for the incorporeal souls of the deceased, rituals like silently carrying beasts Vagina, sleep, fear, sexual activity, observance until leaving this world; Giving for fear of hell – meditation, vows, etc. to the atheist lakes of this world to be called pious or to urge other honors and also to travel to heaven or the other enjoyable people by of these, etc.

All these so-called Hindus, who were actually polytheists and who considered “chit and jar” to be within the same category, and who thought that God and therefore the name of God were merely instruments of their various ceremonies, took refuge within the Kazi to bring misery to Nimai. Their arrogance blinded them much a lot that they visited complain to the Muslim ruler, Kazi.

At that point, Maulana Sirajuddin Chand Kazi, a relative of Nawab Hussain Shah of Bengal, was sent because the ruler of the Hindu-dominated Navadvipamandal and was advised to not unite the Hindus and to not rebel against the Muslim rule. Jagadananda and Madhavananda captured the zamindars like Bandyopadhyay (Jagai and Madhai) and made them hooked into alcohol and ladies, creating an environment of panic. Kazi honored the students by giving them big titles. Even Srinilambar wont to address Chakraborty and Jagannath Mishra as uncles and brothers respectively. Drinking alcohol in Hindu festivals like Mangalchandi Puja, Bishahari Puja, all types of Bamachars were allowed to commit adultery.

The news of Nimai’s popularity, especially the tremendous speed with which he was promoting his Harinam, led him to understand that there would be unity among the Hindus within the near future. That’s why he was so worried. He was thinking of a way to suppress it.

At that point, the pundits of that perverted intellectual anti-devotional community lodged a complaint against the movement of Nimai Pandit, which caused fury within the Kazi. Kazi couldn’t guess the attitude of the people and their leader Nimai and made an enormous mistake. Chandkaji, amid a gaggle of sepoys, received the Srivastava courtyard, which was the most office of Nimai Pandit’s kirtan. Going there, he broke the mridang within the absence of Nimai and issued a ban on kirtan.

The incident also sparked a backlash from Srinivasan and his associates. Nimai greeted the followers and decided to carry an enormous chanting procession on an equivalent day (against the Kazi’s order). Announcing the choice, he ordered that as soon as evening came, all the cities should be decorated with colorful lights; Let there be torches in every house; I personally will lead the Sankirtan Sasabhayatra and attend Kazi’s house by the road.

The movement for the liberty of worship of Nimai followers happened at a time when it had been an adventure. There was such strong public support in Nimai that thousands of individuals formed a kirtan group to protest against this unreasonable order of the Kazi, gathered at Nimai’s house during a non-violent, lawless manner, and chanted within the public streets of the town. Srinivasa divided this massive force into four groups.
In it,
1) The simplest dancers within the first group are under the direction of the leading group Advaita.
2) Sri Haridas Tagore, a choreographer within the second group, was subjected to unspeakable torture and punishment a couple of years ago;
3) The top of the third group was Srivastava, R.
4) Nimai, Nityananda, and Gadadhar themselves within the fourth and last group.

Srinimai performed such a shocking dance that inspired the repressed spiritual aspirations of the long-suffering Hindu society to be aroused with deep interest.

His ruthless dance has did not inspire people. Their excitement was so intense and their faith in God was so deep that they kept saying “Hari Bol”, “Sriram” etc. during a loud and repeated voice. At an equivalent time, they started shouting against the oppressors and a few of them started expressing their feelings by punching and kicking on the bottom.

The Shovayatra starts from Nimai’s house and reaches Simulia through Ganganagar along the banks of the Bhagirathi, then on the way to the Kazi’s house; Kazi was surprised to ascertain this huge crowd at his door. He first sent a messenger to inquire about the explanation for the kirtan and ordered that the door be kept closed in order that nobody could enter. None of the people in his house survived, but Nimai’s kirtan forces destroyed the gorgeous gardens and outdoor cells as they entered the house in droves.

But Nimai sat at the door and called Kazi and gave him (Kazi) a warm welcome and asked why the door was closed on the face of 1 of the guests.
Kazi replied that since they were very angry and angry, he thought it best to cover.
Jai Nimai Jai Nitai, Jai Bhagavan Sri Krishna

” Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare ”.


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