10 Avatar of Vishnu Scientific

10 Avatar of Vishnu Scientific

1.Matsya – Aquatic animals first appear in one-third of the world’s water and one-third of their land.

2.Kurma – amphibian. Animals begin to live in both water and land.

3.Varaha – Many creatures learn to live only on land.

4.Narasimha – The former animal-like condition of the human race, when the man has not reached perfection.

5.Vamana – small development in humans.

6.Parasurama – the primitive stage of man. Creatures live in the lap of nature. People live in the jungle. Evolution started from there.

7.Rama – The first advanced stage in the development of society. Society, groups, people – this culture excels.

8.Krishna – brought politics. This is the first scientific emergence of human diplomatic behavior in the struggle for human evolution, continuous change in society, and survival.

9.Buddha – The world without knowledge is colorless, dark. Gautama Buddha is the incarnation of enlightenment by removing superstitions. He is the ninth incarnation of Vishnu.

10.Kalki – Upcoming. Society is still waiting for this incarnation of Lord Vishnu. There will be power in man that will be the bearer and carrier of destruction and creation.


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